Numbers to Consider

Today, In Barrio Logan the percentage of of adults age 25 and older who earned a high school diploma or higher is less than 3% of those adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The average annual income for a family of four is now less than $24,000. The average counselor caseload at our two primary feeder high schools is 393 students per counselor. Additionally, students with a family history of low-educational attainment are especially at-risk for losing interest in school at an early age. Low educational attainment is associated with poverty, crime, low civic engagement, and poor health outcomes.

How we're making a difference

BLCI combats these statistics by promoting higher education as a ticket out of poverty. Additional language and cultural differences require individualized and culturally relevant academic services.

BLCI starts preparing kids for college in the third grade and ensures they are doing well in school through college completion. BLCI also provides leadership training through service learning experiences to prepare students to be agents of change in their community.

  • BLCI’s maximum student to staff ratio is 15 to 1 at any given time. Our one-on-one tutoring model is even more personalized.
  • At BLCI, our High School and College Success Coordinators provide plenty of individualized attention to the students and are regularly trained on evolving college admissions trends affecting disadvantaged populations.

Family Involvement


Parents from underserved neighborhoods are often intimidated by the school system. Many parents simply don’t know about their options or even what questions to ask at their children’s school. BLCI serves as a bridge for these parents, educating them on the American education system, providing individualized academic advising for their children, and teaching them about their rights and options. The college process at BLCI is truly a family process and the concept of “Family” is central to how BLCI delivers services to both students and parents.